Clash of the Titans

The next edition of the 'Clash of the Titans' will be played on Monday 17 Novemver 2014.

The game has been postponed by one week from 10 November to 17 Novemver. We apologies for the inconvenience.

The $1,000 added value event is open to all new and existing Betfred players affiliated to iloveplayingpoker.

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Ian ‘i like trips’ Matthews to captain ILPP in APAT UK Team Championships!



Ian Matthews has been appointed captain of team iloveplayingpoker at the 2014 APAT UK Team Championship to be held at the Genting Casino in Stoke on the 1st and 2nd February.

Ian was delighted to retain the captaincy after steering the team to their highest finish ever in last years event. Thirty teams have made ‘the cut’ and iloveplayingpoker representative – Dinos ‘The Klup’ Patrinos has piled on the pressure insisting that only a top 5 finish will be deemed a successful campaign. No pressure then!

So, if you think Roy Hodgson has a tough task picking an England squad for Brazil, then imagine the pressure that falls on Ian’s shoulders!

Good luck picking a team and may the poker gods be with you!!

Kunoba has until Christmas to fight back

Given the nature of the poker challenge between myself and the Swiss Fish – Kunoba, I decided to wait till he makes up ground before I burn any of the $1300 profit made so far through my MTT role.

In an effort to declare a winner we have agreed that he has until Christmas Day to surpass my total before we declare a winner.

Something tells me, this Christmas is going to be very blue for my friend Ingo and it will come as no surprise to see Chelsea beat Arsenal and go above them in the Barclays Premier League. Who knows, with a bit of luck,  everything could go against the gunners and they may even find themselves as low as fourth on Christmas Day!

Ho Ho Ho!!!


Arsenal Losers

Decisions, decisions, decisions

So my second result this week places me in perrrrfect position to win the Klup vs Kunoba poker challenge. Mtt vs Cash, Greece vs Germany (even though he is called the Swiss fish) or as I prefer to call it – Class vs Crass

Definition of crass

adjective: crass; comparative adjective: crasser; superlative adjective: crassest

showing no intelligence or sensitivity.

synonyms: stupid, insensitive, blundering, dense, thick, vacuous, kunoba, mindless, witless, doltish, oafish, boorish, asinine, bovine, coarse, gross;


Disclaimer: The crass part is only a joke – Kunoba is an awesome friend and a great poker player, but I love giving this Arsenal purest some proper stick! :-)

So after earning a hard fought battle, I managed to secure second place for a prize of $530 in the very same $7 rebuy I played in and won earlier this week. I sense I’m just one result away from turning the Swiss fish blue – which leaves me with just one decision left to make …

Which Chelsea shirt should I send him? Twitter your thoughts to @loveplayinpoker

Chelsea Shirt options for the Swiss Fish Kunoba

Putting the Swiss fish Kunoba in his place!

Today the Klup has thrown down the gauntlet and it is now up to the Swish fish Kunoba to up the ante!

Entering a $2,500 GTD event on Betfred Poker this morning, I did so half heartedly in an effort to kill time. The last thing I expected was to find myself on the final table so it was even more of a surprise when I managed to take down the $7 buy in event.

catch of the day

The win came courtesy of a fair chunk of patience and a slice of luck, but not much luck, as I did lose my fair share of flips. In the early stages, I built a stack and then tightened up to pick my spots in the middle stages.

After losing a flip (99 vs AK) I found myself sitting amongst the short stacks in the mid to late stage of the tournament. I also had to contend with avoiding the bubble. It took an age to burst and as the shortest stack I pushed my last 3000 chips into the middle with JJ only to be snap called by an A6 soooted.  However the poker gods shined on me and I faded all outs (including a straight draw) to get a much needed double up.

I chugged along watching the players fall one by one and made it to the final table with all but one player boasting stacks much healthier than mine. By the time there were 8 left, I had taken a commanding chip lead and could even afford to lose a tasty all in flip QQ vs AK and still be in good shape. That was a minor setback and thereafter it was plain sailing.

The coup de gras was my A7 suited, out-flopping and out-turning a pair of 5’s and the nut flush had the fat lady singing. The skinny Swiss fish was left squirming for some cash table action in a desperate bit to stay in touch in the Klup vs Kunoba poker challenge!

Eat some of this Swiss fish ;-0   !!

Winner winner

Winner winner chicken dinner

When you dont wnt a set - if the hand held - id be a 3 to 1 chip leader

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